Trick or Treat Guidelines 2016

A great Halloween Tradition returns to the Joe DiMaggio playground in the form of “Trick or Treat Street”.   Nestled into the south-east corner of the park, ten “blocks” will serve as stations for kids to stop by and get their holiday candy fix.

We need ten volunteer leaders, one for each block, who will be responsible for organizing the decorations and candy supply for each “block”.

Some guidelines:

  • Work as a team.  With only ten blocks – we may expand slightly if demand calls for it – gather your friends to create a “block party/tailgate” feel that will be fun for hanging out!  And this means more people to split the cost of candy and decorations.
  • Be prepared for 250 to 300 kids. Please try to avoid nuts. Individually wrapped candies suggested.
  • Trick or Treating will be from 5pm-5:30pm ONLY .  You can work on your installation during the party, or you can start as early as 12:00 pm.  This year there will be NO CARS ALLOWED on the blacktop!  We will have volunteers, and a few wagons and handcarts available to help move items to your station if needed.
  • You will have roughly a 12 foot by 12 foot square to work with.  The wall behind you, which is a great canvas for decoration, ranges from 10 feet to 11 feet depending on where you are located.
  • Be interactive. It’s great for kids to stop, color, play a game, even having to answer a trivia question at each block.
  • Be safe. If you’re building any structures/etc, make sure to secure for wind and errant children bumping into things!  And NO FLAMES!
  • Be creative and supportive of everyone else!   As we re-launch this trick or treat event, the goal is to be simple and organic for year one.  The things that work best this year will be the foundation for the event for years to come.

Please email to volunteer to be a block “leader” and get your Halloween creative juices flowing!